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What is holding you back?

Our greatest limitation in life isn't our capabilities, but our perceived beliefs. 


Do you ever scroll through Instagram thinking "I wish my life was as spectacular as hers"? There are women all around me still walking around with their heads down, trying to fit into their limiting belief box, unaware of the brilliant and infinite light they possess to break out of that tiny fucking box and shine like a god damn queen.


Your uniqueness is what sets you apart. Agreeing to another wedding photoshoot when all you want to do is take photos of rare mountain goats isn't going to bring you any fucking joy.


I am going to have heart-conversations with you. My life is lived authentically because I recognize the power I possess by simply being transparent in every single aspect of existence and I wish for you to see it too. 


I walk the talk and talk the walk and I want you to walk and talk with me. I am a communicator. I’ll create a safe space for you to speak your truths and set healthy boundaries. Every woman deserves to feel worthy of love and I want you to feel worthy as fuck too. 


You, beautiful soul, possess endless potential, let's harvest it and create a life of abundance. 


Now... do you feel ready to make a change but you have no fucking clue where to start? 


Let's get real...

I am here to have purposeful, trusting conversations with you. I’m going to help you step out of your comfort zone. I am going to provide accountability.


I am here to adjust your crown and help you see how innately creative you are.


I am here to help you with specific goals, overcome feelings of fear and unworthiness and establish new rituals. 


I am here because no area in life can be considered in isolation. I will ask questions that are going to empower you to find the answers within yourself.


I am here to help you discover and understand your core values. 


I am here to give you the tools and the "A-ha!" moment when you stop seeking happiness and start pursuing a life of fulfilment instead.


I am here to help you explore your love language, harness healthy boundaries in relationships and give you the confidence to never settle. 


I am here to help you understand what’s holding you back. We’re going to shift your perspective off of the past and on to the future.



I will be your secret sauce facilitator that empowers you to identify the changes you would like to make, cheering you on through the process of achieving your goals.


I work with women who are ready to step into their light and shine like a fucking disco ball.


Each scheduled one-on-one coaching session will be moulded according to your unique goals.


Our sessions will include email and text support, in-impromptu calls as needed, personality assessments, workbooks, online tools and your very own cheerleader (me!). It’s up to you if it’s going to be a long-term relationship or just a summer fling. I don’t believe in time-stamping personal growth.


Because of my nomadic lifestyle, we will mostly converse via Video Calls and you are encouraged to wear your favourite sweatpants to our sessions.


To test the waters, sign up for my free mentoring session before we deep dive into the Big Blue of Life Empowerment Coaching.


Let me help you introduce you to you.


I can’t wait to work with you, queen!

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